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Non Duality NorthNon-Duality North organises events in North West England including meetings with Non-Duality speakers and social events.

These events are open to all and are an opportunity to explore the essential oneness of life.

What is Non Duality?

'Nonduality' simply means 'not two'.
It is a word which points to the non-existence of separation.
Jeff Foster

All separation, every kind of estrangement and alienation is false. All is one.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Oneness is like the clear blue sky - everything arises, unfolds, and subsides within its all-compassionate love... Everything is an aspect of Oneness. And our quest to know this comes from Oneness.


Meetings 2013

Mike Jenkins

Saturday March 16th from 11 till 5pm on Sat. March 16th. £25 for the day. Location: West Yorkshire

Places are limited to 8 people for this meeting. Full details from Mandi Solk:  mandi.solk@sky.com


Meeting who we ARE.  With Mandi Solk


Mandi Solk

Come as you ARE, not what you WERE!

March 24th, 2013
Hebden Therapy Centre, Valley Road, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7, UK

Event Information

The title of this Satsang is ' Come as you ARE, not what you WERE!'. We will be exploring how to become fully present - utterly HERE. The mind cannot be still for a moment, so it is not the mind that can be present - mainy because we have no mind - simpy thoughts arising. These constantly arising thoughts are creating an imagined history or future all the time. This meeting is to reveal how to get beyond the mind to that which we ARE prior to thought, through Self-Enquiry.We can cut through to the Truth like a hot knife cuts through butter. Then we can discard everything that supposedly defines us and constructs a personal identity. Whatever you think you WERE even just a minute or a second ago, you WERE'NT - so drop it - drop it! Now you ' come as you ARE!

However many times you've heard this TRUTH repeated in so many ways by so many teachers, keep on listening till there's no longer a listen-er. :-)

andi so you can assist me on the day with refeshments, chairs etc. mandi.solk@sky.com

Further details and to book go to Mandi's Website